Seminar recording: the early history and governance of Harvard College with Tito Correa

Tito Correa (University of Cambridge)

Tito Correa (University of Cambridge)

We are pleased to feature another recording from the academic seminar series of the research group HEIK (Higher Education: Institutional dynamics and Knowledge cultures) at University of Oslo.

The seminar sheds light on some of the surprising and previously unknown aspects about the establishment of Harvard College and how its initial governance structure was set up on 17th century. The story unfolds around Harvards first beneficiary John Harvard, and two puritans William Ames and Hugh Peter who had important influence during the prehistory of Harvard College.

The seminar was recorded in December 2012 in Oslo, and you can view the full abstract of the seminar here.

Tito Correa is an alumni of the Hedda master programme and is currently enrolled as a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge where his research project is focused on the early history of Harvard.

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