Call for contributions: guest entries on the Hedda blog

typeThe Hedda blog continues to develop and reach new milestones. In 2012, we had focus on increasing the quality and depth of the content produced and we had a number of interesting guests, podcasts and thematic weeks, in addition to providing access to new resources and information on our Hedda students and staff. We covered a wide variety of themes, disciplines and national contexts, and our guests included both established and renowned researchers, and junior researchers.

In 2013, we want to continue this development towards building the Hedda blog as a source for high quality knowledge on higher education. Located in the intersection between research and practice, the Hedda blog focuses on openly accessible, up to date and research based knowledge, in addition to practitioner expertise on various issues in the field of higher education.

To further widen the scope, we issue a call for new contributions.

Potential relevant themes include: focus on a particular phenomenon, reform, process in your specific higher education system or institution; reports on recent research on higher education, across disciplines; contributions to our “In Focus” section that introduces various organisations relevant for higher education worldwide.

The contributions can be either based on existing larger publications, projects, or describing recent political/policy developments. Potential contributors include higher education researchers, students,  administrators in addition to policymakers. The entries are usually 800-1000 words.

For you, this would mean an excellent opportunity to reach out to a large number of readers in more than 100 countries and spread information about your projects and publications, and engage in global knowledge dissemination. For more information, you can reach us by e-mail.

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