Hedda Podcast: Global trends and university branding with Dr. Gili S. Drori

Episode 31 of our podcast series features Dr. Gili S. Drori who is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In this interview, she examines some of the global trends that have an effect on higher education, and the dynamics of isomorphism and divergence in this emerging global environment. She further highlights some fascinating results from a recent research project that examines the relationship between these trends and the visual imagery of universities in terms of their institutional seals online.

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Gili Drori

Dr. Gili S. Drori

Gili S. Drori currently works at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  and until recently she worked as a lecturer in Stanford’s International Relations Programme. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Stanford from 1997 and has been an active researcher since. Her main research interests are focused on globalization, governance and  rationalization, comparative studies on science, technology and innovation, organizations and culture, and higher education.

She has published a number of books focused on institutional theory, globalization and organization, amongst else with John. W. Meyer, Francisco Ramirez, Evan Schefer and Georg Krücken. In addition she has published a number of articles in sociology and international relations journals.

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(Photo: Stanford.edu)