Professor Maassen Visits Japan

Written By: Daisuke Hirouchi

Hiroshima University in Japan

Hiroshima University in Japan

Daisuke Hirouchi is a PhD student at the Research Institute for Higher Education (RIHE), Hiroshima University in Japan. He earned his M.Ed from the same institute in 2006. In 2008-2009.  His PhD project, “Student Participation in University Governance”, was supported by the Research Council of Norway (forskningsråd) during a year long visit to the University of Oslo PFI. As a visiting researcher in Oslo, he worked under the supervision of Professor Dr. Maassen with strong support from Romulo Pinheiro.

Professor Dr. Peter Maassen visited the Research Institute for Higher Education (RIHE)Hiroshima University in Japan.

RIHE is the oldest, biggest, and most famous research institute for higher education studies in Japan. RIHE has 11 professors, three research fellows (all 14 specialize in higher education studies) and strong Ph.D. and M.Ed programs.

Prof. Maassen arrived at Hiroshima station by Shinkansen (bullet train), on Aug. 8th and we had a happy reunion after one year.

To my surprise, it was his first visit to the central part of Hiroshima city, though he had visited RIHE several times before (because RIHE is located in the suburbs of Hiroshima city).

Prof. Oba from RIHE and I showed him the central part of the city including Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

The next day, Aug. 9th, Prof. Maassen delivered a lecture at RIHE on European higher education and the knowledge economy as part of RIHE’ Open Seminar. An audience larger than usual packed the seminar room and all participants enjoyed a lively discussion on the topic.

Though following his interesting lecture we were going to discuss the global network for doctoral studies in higher education studies, more participants than I thought wanted to make a greeting and exchange business cards with him and were running out of time to do it. This might be an evidence to show how Prof. Maassen is famous in Japan too.

After the seminar, we went downtown for dinner. The city around Hiroshima University is famous for Sake brewing and Prof. Maassen enjoyed drinking it.

As a member from RIHE, I look forward to continuing a good relationship between Prof. Maassen and RIHE. Thank you very much for coming to RIHE!