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Resource: CEPS lectures on higher education

CEPSThe Centre for Education Policy Studies at the Faculty of Education in University of Ljubljana in Slovenia has over the last three years recorder lectures with researchers in the field of higher education who have visited the centre in relation to the CEPS School Field Seminar.

These lectures are now available on a Youtube channel, and the lectures are well worth a view!

This far, the channel includes seven lectures:

What is the state of social media in higher education?

Shane Colvin

Shane Colvin

This entry was written by Shane Colvin, Senior IT Engineer at the Faculty of Education Sciences at the University of Oslo.  Shane has been an active member on the Hedda Team since 2001.  He will periodically contribute to the blog by writing posts focused on the use of ICT (information and communication technologies) in higher education.

After surveying 110 unique institutions (.zip) of higher education in the United States, EduGuru recently shed some light on some of the trends occurring in the higher education social media space.  Having worked with social media and communication at University of Oslo (UiO) for some years now,  I thought it would be interesting to see how these figures compared with our social media efforts at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (UV) where I work and Hedda resides.

What follows is a presentation of some of the findings from the survey accompanied by my comments and reflections as to the current state of social media at UV.   Please keep in mind that the comments are based not only on the situation at Hedda exclusively, but rather UV as a whole.  I should also mention that majority of our social media efforts at UV are directed at a Norwegian audience, therefore most of the links will lead you to Norwegian webpages.  Nevertheless I thought I would be beneficial to include the links to give you a better under standing of the context.

Ok, enough of all that, shall we dig into some of the data…