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Ranking and mapping – U-Multirank coming up

umultirankHave you heard about U-Multirank? It is a project to develop a multidimensional ranking tool where users can decide what indicator they want to rank the institutions by.

This means that no composite scores will be presented which would allow to create one single ranking of top 10 or top 100 of the best institutions. The main idea is that one can compare institutions with similar profiles to each other rather than create a single list, with the argument being that a single composite score does not sufficiently  take into account the various profiles of institutions.

The launch of U-Multirank has been anticipated for some time now, and while the official date is still not announced yet, it has been announced that U-Multirank will be available mid-May in 2014. The launch will be marked with a press conference in Brussels with the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth introducing the instrument and the researchers of the team providing their insights about the project – we will keep you posted about the development!

umap-exampleU-Multirank draws also on an accompanying project – the U-Map project, where the instrument has been available since August last year. U-Map has been in development since 2004 and is now fully functional. It is a mapping tool for higher education institutions in Europe and beyond (Listen also to our earlier Hedda podcast about U-Map where we talked to Franz Keiser and Elisabeth Epping). 

2013 in review – Hedda podcasts and other available seminars and lectures

2013_2We continue our annual review of the yearly entries on the blog. In the first post we looked at the guest entries. In this second post we will focus on the Hedda podcast and varous other audio and video materials. Part three that will be coming up later will focus on Hedda news from 2013

Hedda podcasts in 2013

Our first podcast of 2013 was published in January and was number 37 in our series. We interviewed Dr. Don F. Westerheijden, who is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in University of Twente in Netherlands. In the podcast we discussed some developments in quality assurance in the Netherlands, after a large scale public scandal highlighting doubts over quality in a number of Dutch higher education institutions.

In episode 38 of the podcast series, we talked to Drs. Frans Kaiser and Elisabeth Epping about the U-Map project, a large project examining horizontal diversity of higher education institutions in Europe and beyond, and to develop a classification of higher education institutions. The project is currently still in demo-mode, so the podcast will provide you with background information about the project. Drs. Frans Kaiser and Elisabeth Epping both worked at the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in University of Twente in Netherlands.

In our next podcast, we talked to Professor Isa Jahnke about ICT in higher education, where we in particular focused on digital didactics and some of her recent research on working with technology in higher education. Isa Jahnke is a Professor in Interactive Media and Learning (IML) at Department of Applied Educational Science in Umeå University, Sweden.

Hedda podcast: Mapping horizontal diversity of higher education – U-Map project

Episode 38 of our podcast series features Drs. Frans Kaiser and Elisabeth Epping from CHEPS who share their experiences with U-Map, a project mapping horizontal diversity of higher education institutions in Europe and beyond (U-Map website).

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Dr. Frans Kaiser and Elisabeth Epping (CHEPS)

Drs. Frans Kaiser and Elisabeth Epping (CHEPS)

Drs. Frans Kaiser is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in University of Twente in Netherlands. He obtained his degree in public administration from the same institution in 1986, and further worked at the Department of Public Administration. Since 1988 he has worked at CHEPS and became the co-ordinator of the CHEPS International Higher Education Monitor in 1994. His research interests are linked to higher education classifications, use of indicators, comparative methodology and system level issues in higher education.

Elisabeth Epping is  a Junior Research Associate at CHEPS, and holds a Masters Degree cum laude in Public Administration from the University of Twente. At CHEPS she first worked as a project coordinator for the U-Multirank project, and since 2012 has worked as a coordinator of U-Map in the Nordic countries. Her main research interests are linked to classification of higher education, internationalisation and cross-border higher education.

U-Map Dissemination seminar live-stream

U-Map, the interactive mapping tool of European higher education institutions has been used in Netherlands, Flanders, Portugal, Estonia and the Nordic countries. Coming Monday, 22nd of October, a seminar will be held in Copenhagen to disseminate the results from the mapping of higher education institutions in the Nordic countries.

The the project isconducted by the CHEPS U-Map team together with the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The coming seminar includes presentations from members of the U-Map development team, as well as various user perspectives by representatives  and stakeholders of higher education institutions in the Nordic countries. The programme of the event can be found here (.pdf).  

It will be possible for anyone interested to follow the seminar via live-stream. The live-stream will be transmitted via this link. Please log in with the following account information:

  • username: DGI
  • password: DGI

If you press on Monday the button ‘live videos’ you can select the live-stream of the dissemination seminar. There will also be a live-chat available during the seminar.

You can read more about U-Map on the project website.