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Call for papers: Higher education partnership trends and policy issues between African and European higher education institutions

bigsasThe Workgroup “Higher Education and Society in Africa” is organising a conference at Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS), University of Bayreuth on 3–4 November 2016. The conference is themed: “Higher Education Partnership Trends and Policy Issues between African and European Higher Education Institutions

Trends in institutional partnership in higher education have shown tremendous growth in the past three decades. The conference aims to stimulate academic discussion on trends and key issues in higher education cooperation between European and African universities pointing to pressing important policy and practical issues. Are there patterns of higher education partnership among African and European universities and how do such patterns evolve overtime? What are the current debates on internationalization strategies between Africa and Europe and the circulation of knowledge in individual and institutional partnerships between the continents? Which insights can be drawn from various case studies of higher education partnerships schemes? Read more about the conference theme here (pdf)

The conference is organised around five themes: 

  • Trends in higher education partnership between African and European universities
  • Policy and practical issues on joint programs, student and staff mobility and research collaboration among African and European universities
  • Strategies in higher education partnership and internationalization
  • Case studies on higher education collaboration among African and European universities
  • Practical challenges and opportunities in higher education collaboration among African and European universities – student mobility, join programs, harmonization strategies etc.

Abstracts deadline: 10th of June 2016. 

Read more about how to submit your abstract and the guideliens here. 

EAIE report: Strategic partnerships in Europe

70385492-eaieLOGOEAIE has compiled a report examining strategic partnerships in Europe, a topic that has gained attention in European policy debates. The report is based on an EAIE survey “The EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe”.

The survey was sent out to EAIE members and beyond, yielding 2411 responses in total. Just over 2000 of these came from about 1500 European higher education institutions. One of the findings from the survey was that international strategic partnerships have been on the rise in recent years, 79% of the respondents in the survey had indicated that partnerships were an element of internationalization strategies. The current report examines the survey data that concerns strategic partnerships.

In this context, strategic partnerships are in the report defined as concrete agreements that are continuous, that is that they “encourage durable collaboration between institutions and organisations by building sustainable academic networks, strengthening exchanges among students and staff, and enhancing exchanges of knowledge and practices” (p.5).

New Hedda Partnership with Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

The Hedda master programme will begin a new partnership with Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU), Mozambique under the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund Scholarship Scheme. The Quota Scholarship Scheme is established to strengthen educational cooperation in developing countries and to contribute to capacity building in the students’ home countries.  This occurs when the students return with relevant expertise and contribute to the global knowledge society.

In 2010, the Faculty of Education at Eduardo Mondlane University began the process of setting up a master programme in Higher Education Studies and Development.  As part of this process, EMU has established a collaborative agreement with the University of Oslo (UiO).

The agreement is designed to enable students who are enrolled at EMU to study for up to one year at UiO as exchange students as part of the “Sandwich Model”.  This is defined as a study programme where students take only a portion of their studies at the University of Oslo.  The home university is the degree issuing institution.  According to the agreement, five quota scholarships will be available each year for a three year time period to students enrolled at EMU starting in the 2011/2012 academic year.

The first group of students will begin at the University of Oslo during the fall 2011 semester.  These students will be attending courses connected to the Master of Philosophy in Higher Education programme. Their diverse background will further strengthen the existing master porgramme.