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Pakistan Part II: Foreign Faculty Hiring Program (The Brain Gain Initiative)

Written by: Muhammed Adnan Mughul, HEEM student
Foreign Faculty Hiring Program (FFHP) is one such unique scheme, to recruit highly qualified educators and researchers from abroad, which occupies centre stage in the HEC’s vast range of activities. This program proceeds on the premise that foreign faculty is a repository of “wealth of knowledge and research experience”.
Foreign Faculty Hiring Program cartoon.
FFHP was officially launched in October 2003 to attract foreign experts as well as expatriate Pakistani professors from all over the world with the aim to reverse the brain drain. The goal of this program is to hire approximately 1500 foreign professors, associate and assistant professors within the period of 5 years, 300 faculty members per annum, in the fields of natural and social sciences, to support currently under-supervised graduate students and to fill, what the HEC describes as, the “vast gap of qualified research academics and PhD supervisors in the higher education sector.” According to HEC, through FFHP, it aspires to bring a positive change in the culture of higher education institutions in all domains of academic activities including development of infrastructure, academic standards, curriculum, knowledge dissemination through refined teaching / examination / grading methodologies, industry-academia linkage, international collaborative research and fine supervisory acumen which would result in creation of knowledge.

Pakistan Part I: Higher Education Reform

Written by: Muhammed Adnan Mughul, HEEM student
Map of Pakistan.
The Higher Education sector in Pakistan has undergone a dramatic revival in recent years. The establishment of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on September 11, 2002, repealing the University Grants Commission (UGC), was in recognition of the contribution of higher education to the socio-economical development of Pakistan. The aim of this revival is to reform higher education and transform Pakistan from an agriculture-based economy to a “knowledge-economy”. To improve the state of higher education, HEC has defined a strategy that identifies the core strategic aims for reform as: 1. Faculty development; 2. Higher Education infrastructure development; 3. Focus area support; 4. Industrial linkages; 5. Higher Education Quality Assurance/Assessment; and 6. Higher Education sector reforms. Accordingly, over the past four years, Pakistan’s higher-education budget has increased more than sevenfold, to about US$449million.