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2013 in review – Hedda podcasts and other available seminars and lectures

2013_2We continue our annual review of the yearly entries on the blog. In the first post we looked at the guest entries. In this second post we will focus on the Hedda podcast and varous other audio and video materials. Part three that will be coming up later will focus on Hedda news from 2013

Hedda podcasts in 2013

Our first podcast of 2013 was published in January and was number 37 in our series. We interviewed Dr. Don F. Westerheijden, who is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in University of Twente in Netherlands. In the podcast we discussed some developments in quality assurance in the Netherlands, after a large scale public scandal highlighting doubts over quality in a number of Dutch higher education institutions.

In episode 38 of the podcast series, we talked to Drs. Frans Kaiser and Elisabeth Epping about the U-Map project, a large project examining horizontal diversity of higher education institutions in Europe and beyond, and to develop a classification of higher education institutions. The project is currently still in demo-mode, so the podcast will provide you with background information about the project. Drs. Frans Kaiser and Elisabeth Epping both worked at the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in University of Twente in Netherlands.

In our next podcast, we talked to Professor Isa Jahnke about ICT in higher education, where we in particular focused on digital didactics and some of her recent research on working with technology in higher education. Isa Jahnke is a Professor in Interactive Media and Learning (IML) at Department of Applied Educational Science in Umeå University, Sweden.

NOMA: Emerging scholars on African higher education

Recently, we posted lecture recordings from the NOMA summer school. The NOMA programme is a cooperation project between University Western Cape, University of Oslo, Eduardo Mondlane University and CHET.

However, as a cooperation programme, NOMA has also facilitated the emergence of a new set of young scholars in Africa, a whole continent and context that has previously been underrepresented in research on higher education world wide. In this post, we would like to introduce some of these scholars and their backgrounds:

dr. Gerald Ouma

dr. Gerald Ouma

Gerald Ouma (PhD) has published in Higher Education Studies, the most prestigious journal in higher education studies, he has been appointed Associate Professor at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), and he coordinates the new School (Institute) of Post‐School Studies at UWC (the only such faculty in Africa that will address post‐secondary education). In 2012 he served on the Funding Review Committee, and contributed to the Minster of Higher Education’s Funding Review report that will be released soon.

Dr. Patricio Langa

Dr. Patricio Langa

Patricio Langa (PhD) is publishing a book on Portuguese higher education in Africa, has established the first joint Masters degree in Education at Eduardo (with the University of Oslo and UWC), is the new Deputy‐ Director of the HE Quality Committee of Mozambique and is coordinating the new strategic plan for Eduardo Mondlane University. He is also the Director of the Sociological Association of Mozambique and of an NGO focusing on higher studies in Mozambique. He and Francois have jointly set up a publishing NGO in Mozambique.

Dr. Thierry Luescher-Mamashela

Dr. Thierry Luescher-Mamashela

Thierry Luescher‐Mamashela (PhD) is well represented on the HERANA publication list with several publication including a book, journal articles and articles in the media. Thierry has become part of the Global Research University Network on the Student Experience and has been doing student leadership development across the country.

NOMA summer school: Research and policy nexus

In this series of presentations the focus is put on the so-called research policy nexus. How can research on higher education influence policy in this field? What is evidence based policy? How can you assure that policymakers and politicians listen to what you have to say?

These are some of the questions that will be focused on in this session of the NOMA summer school.

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The presentations include

  1. Teboho Moja “Disconnections between research and policy”
  2. Julian May “Talking to the Finance Minister about poverty”
  3. Tracy Bailey “Experiences with HERANA and contributions to policy”

The accompanying powerpoint presentations: 

NOMA summer school: Research projects in focus

In this session recording from the NOMA summer school we share the presentations about different multinational research projects. In the presentations, the researchers and project leaders share their experiences with writing the applications for such projects and the considerations one has to take into account when managing such a project.

The recording includes presentations of the following projects:

  1. NORGLOBAL funded project on higher education and research in Western Balkans presented by Bjørn Stensaker
  2. HERANA – Higher Education Research & Advocacy Network in Africa presented by Nico Cloete
  3. AHELO – Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes presented by Hamish Coates

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Click to view two of the accompanying Powerpoint presentations:

NOMA summer school: complexities of research work

In this recording of the NOMA summer school, we share with you insights from five researchers: Peter Maassen, Nico Cloete, Bjørn Stensaker, Teboho Moja and  Jo Muller. They all share their insights to how to navigate in the complicated world of research where one has to take into account multiple interests and conflicting demands.

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