A bit over a week ago, EUA’s Public Funding Observatory published a new report examining the relationship between levels of public funding in Europe and the relationship to the financial crisis.

Public funding overview in Europe 2008-2012   (Source: EUA)

The report indicates that while the effects vary across Europe, the financial crisis has had widespread effects on higher education systems in Europe. In some cases these effects have been quite severe. The report prepared a basic map of Europe that divides countries into four main groups:  increase over 1% (green), stable funding situation (blue), decrease between 1-10% (orange) and decrease over 10% (red). In addition, a number of countries were treated as “special cases” (gray).

As quite visible from the map, the countries that have suffered the most from financial crisis (a number of Eastern European countries, and Southern Europe) are also the ones where there have been large cuts in public funding, with some exceptions.

The 11 countries that witnessed a cut over 10% include Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. A number of these countries are also on the forefront of the news in terms of a general economic situation.