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Europe Gaining on U.S. & Japan in Race for Innovation

The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2006 was recently published and the innovation gap between Europe and the U.S. and Japan seems to be decreasing. The EIS is an instrument designed by the European Commission, under the Lisbon Strategy, to measure and compare the EU countries performance in innovation, which includes a comparative analysis of innovation performance among U.S., Japan and the European countries. The Nordic countries and Switzerland continue to be the world leaders in innovation.
Is Europe gaining on U.S. & Japan in the Race to be Innovation Leaders?
Based on their overall innovation scores, here is where the countries landed in the EIS ranking system:
Innovation leaders: Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Japan
Innovation followers: UK, Iceland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, US
Catching-up countries: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania
Trailing countries: Estonia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia

Reform: University of Tokyo

Around the globe, systems of higher education are being challenged by the increase of knowledge, students and the effects of globalization. This week, we will take a look at many reforms taking shape around the world. Today, we will highlight the University of Tokyo.
In 2005, 3 year action plan was presented to make the University, “…a place that attracts the most talented youth on earth and fosters their abilities, a place where researchers generate new knowledge through friendly competition and promote its beneficial use throughout society as the common property of mankind.” The action plan is a detailed account of initiatives aimed at different levels in the institution; research, education, international activities, organizational administration, finances, campus environment, information dissemination and linkages with society. Everything from creating a safe and sustainable campus to supporting research strategies to enhancing the alumni program is included in this action plan to reform the University of Tokyo. The university president, Hiroshi Komiyama, states, “Let us put into practice the bold claim that we offer the ‘best education and research in the world.’ Our mission is to educate the next generation of talent that shares in our collective ideal to remain sensitive to others while courageously taking the lead.”
University of Tokyo, Hongo campus.