European Commission report on quality assurance in Europe

EUQuality assurance is one of the areas where European cooperation has advanced in a relatively significant manner over the last decade. Recently, the Commission published a new report on issues related to quality and quality assurance in Europe. The report refers to the 2009 report that put forward three main aims: to make quality assurance (QA) more transparent for users, to link it closer to the wider aims of higher education, and to further develop cross-border cooperation. 

The current report sums up the most important developments in quality assurance in Europe since 2009 with various available reports from sources such as EHEA working group, EUA, EACEA, IBAR and ESU. While progress is reported on most areas, it is also highlighted that linking quality assurance to concrete quality improvement processes and strategic work of the institutions remains a challenge. The positive impact of the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) is noted, but it is also highlighted that their implementation has this far been rather uneven, and a revision process of ESG is now in process. 

The report highlights that the areas where more action is still necessary are in particular widening access, employability, internationalisation, improvement of doctoral training as well as human resource strategies. The need to shift attention to the content rather than the procedural aspects of quality assurance is highlighted in several parts of the document. Furthermore quality assurance issues are linked to mobility concerns and qualifications frameworks, perhaps a rather unsurprising linkage, considering that both of these topics have been a rather successful themes in European higher education for EU led joint cooperation.

Traineeship opportunities at ENQA!

enqaTraineeship Opportunity with the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)ENQA promotes coordination and development of quality assurance in higher education in Europe.

ENQA can host trainees interested in the field of quality assurance/international higher education in its office in Brussels. The duration of the traineeship is usually 6 months (in any case not shorter than 3 months) with a specific focus on communication/editing and project management. The position will provide the trainee the opportunity to gain professional experience in an international environment.

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The mission of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) is to contribute significantly to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of European higher education at a high level, and to act as a major driving force for the development of quality assurance across all the Bologna signatory countries.


  • contribute to the ENQA newsletter;
  • provide support in the management of projects;
  • edit publications, reports and other documents;
  • assist in updating the ENQA database and website;
  • provide support in the organisation of ENQA events.