EAIE report: Strategic partnerships in Europe

70385492-eaieLOGOEAIE has compiled a report examining strategic partnerships in Europe, a topic that has gained attention in European policy debates. The report is based on an EAIE survey “The EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe”.

The survey was sent out to EAIE members and beyond, yielding 2411 responses in total. Just over 2000 of these came from about 1500 European higher education institutions. One of the findings from the survey was that international strategic partnerships have been on the rise in recent years, 79% of the respondents in the survey had indicated that partnerships were an element of internationalization strategies. The current report examines the survey data that concerns strategic partnerships.

In this context, strategic partnerships are in the report defined as concrete agreements that are continuous, that is that they “encourage durable collaboration between institutions and organisations by building sustainable academic networks, strengthening exchanges among students and staff, and enhancing exchanges of knowledge and practices” (p.5).

EAIE 2014: Stepping into a new era

Dr. Leasa Weimer (University of Jyväskylä / EMA Association)

Dr. Leasa Weimer
(University of Jyväskylä / EMA Association)

This guest entry is written by Leasa Weimer who is a post-doctoral researcher at University of Jyväskylä in Finland after having finished her PhD in at the University of Georgia. She is also the current president of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni and Students association, a network composing of about 9000 Erasmus Mundus alumni and students. In this post she shares her impessions of the recent EAIE conference. 

European Association for International Educators (EAIE) conference was held in Prague, September 16-19, 2014.

A sunny Prague welcomed over 5,000 attendees from 90 countries to the26th annual EAIE conference. The conference was abuzz with discussions focused on university partnerships, internationalization strategies, and student and staff mobility.

An expo of over 200 exhibitors (universities, providers, and country pavilions) served as the meet-up spot for networking, building future partnerships, and learning more about products and services in the international education market.

The theme this year was “Stepping into a New Era” and many speakers, dialogues, and sessions brought light to the current geopolitical environment and world events as they discussed international education. When introducing the opening plenary, the EAIE President mentioned those in the international education field who were impacted by the Malaysian flight accidents. The booth for the 2015 EAIE conference, scheduled to be in Glasgow, was lively as conference attendees stopped by to speak with the local Scottish individuals about the succession vote. Dialogue debates tackled such hot topics as international education as an initiative for peace and a united, yet divided, Europe.

Thematic week: 2013 EAIE conference – practice oriented and on grand scale

The 25th Annual EAIE Conference was held in Istanbul about two weeks ago, 10-13th of September. Unlike other conferences, this is targeting educational professionals and not only researchers. As such, the conference is also on a very different scale.

For this conference, we asked two people to give a brief insight regarding their impressions of the conference – Eva Maria Reina (UNICA) and Hedda Master Programme graduate Jason Wertz (Norwegian Business School)

Eva Maria Reina  (UNICA)

Eva Maria Reina

Eva Maria Reina from UNICA gives a brief summing up from what her impressions were. UNICA is a Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe and Eva Maria works there as a project manager. 

The 25th Annual EAIE Conference took place in Istanbul on 10-13 September and happened to be the most attended conference in the history of the EAIE. The event gathered more than 4800 higher education professionals from over 90 countries to discuss different trends in internationalization of higher education under the title “Waving the future of international partnerships”.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EAIE annual conferences, the organization released a publication aiming to explore the next 25 years of international higher education, which gathered inspiring essays from renown authors in the field, such as Philip Altbach, Jane Knight and Hans de Wit.

The Opening Plenary counted on the participation of the Turkish minister of education, Nabi Abci, who highlighted the responsibility of universities in promoting diversity, global awareness and human rights. British politician and UN diplomat Paddy Ashdown shared with the audience his inspiring views on the future of higher education in a changing world. He mentioned four key aspects that in his opinion will imply deep global changes: the shift of power, the end of the western hegemony, the increasing creation of international networks, and the development of human capital.