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New website launched for the European Tertiary Education Register

eterETER (European Tertiary Education Register) has launched a new website. ETER was first launched s a result of a European Commission funded project EUMIDA (2009-2011). View a presentation of ETER here.

Currently, the database includes 2785 higher education institutions in 36 countries. Of these, there is data for 2465 institutions. The data currently includes information from 2011, 2012 and 2013. Data for 2014 is expected to be ready by early 2017.

The new website features more advanced data searching and analysis tools, as well as options for downloading data.

View the website here


OECD data comparison tool

OECD has just published a beta version of their new data portal.

The website provides a comprehensive search to examine and compare charts, maps, tables and related publications by the OECD.

The OECD collects data about various indicators in the OECD countries, under four key categories: indicators about educational attainment, educational resources, international student assessment (PISA) and youth inactivity.

The pages for each of the indicators provide explanations of data, and options to customize the datasets. Furthermore, you can view the data as a chart, or as a world map or in the form of a table. The site also allows to create embed code for the graphs and tables, allowing you to embed interactive directly on your page. We have embedded one example here:

For those studying OECD countries and wanting to use OECD data, the site looks to be a valuable resource to visualize and compare data.

Find the online tool for education indicators here.

Need Higher Education Data?

Many of us are in need of higher education data, whether it be for a paper, thesis, dissertation or simply intellectual enhancement. Here are a few noteable websites that are good resources for higher education data. Please add any other websites containing higher education data that you find helpful in the comments section.
International Higher Education Clearinghouse
“The IHEC website directs scholars, administrators, and other professionals to current resources to support research and practice in international higher education.”
Atlas of Student Mobility
“Project Atlas tracks migration trends of the millions of students who pursue education outside of their home countries each year. Data are collected on global student mobility patterns, country of origin, as well as leading destinations for trans-national higher education.”
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
“A special review is examining the organisation, management and delivery of tertiary education in 23 countries, while OECD has also worked on guidelines for cross-border education.”
UNESCO Institute for Statistics
“Global and internationally comparable statistics on education, science, technology, culture and communication.”
United Nations Development Programme
“You can access statistical data from the Human Development Report (HDR) and resources to help you better understand these data. You will also find helpful information about the human development index (HDI) and other indices, links to other background materials, data resources and on-going debates and discussions on human development statistics.”