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HEIRRI project is looking for institutions to pilot a course on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

The Associació Catalana d’Universitats Públiques is currently working on the Higher Education in Responsible Research and Innovation (HEIRRI – www.heirri.eu) project, a European Horizon2020 funded project under the call Science for Society. This project aims to promote Responsible Research and Innovation in higher education, and specifically it will provide teaching/training materials in different formats for higher education institutions to integrate into the curriculums of their degrees, or for specific workshops.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a term used widely in Europe, we are aware that it is not used in other parts of the world, but it basically focuses on six dimensions (there are some additional definitions but the ideas are similar):

  1. Engagement: It implies that societal challenges should be framed on the basis of widely representative social, economic and ethical concerns and common principles on the strength of joint participation of all societal actors – researchers, industry, policymakers and civil society.
  2. Gender Equality: Addresses the underrepresentation of women, indicating that human resources management must be modernized and that the gender dimension should be integrated in the research and innovation content.
  3. Science Education: Faces the challenge to better equip future researchers and other societal actors with the necessary knowledge and tools to fully participate and take responsibility in the research and innovation process.
  4. Open Access: States that RRI must be both transparent and accessible. Free online access should be given to the results of publicly funded research (publications and data).
  5. Ethics: Requires that research and innovation respects fundamental rights and the highest ethical standards in order to ensure increased societal relevance and acceptability of research and innovation outcomes.
  6. Governance: Addresses the responsibility of policymakers to prevent harmful or unethical developments in research and innovation. The latter is a fundamental basis for the development of the rest of the dimensions.

The HEIRRI project calls on higher education institutions from all continents interested in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and its integration into the curricula for a pilot test of two of the training programs and materials developed by the HEIRRI project. 

Call for participants: Winter school about in Krakow on: Democracy, expertise and power

arenaARENA – the Centre for European Studies at University of Oslo is arranging a winter school in cooperation with the Centre for European Studies at Jagiellonian University. The winter school takes place in Kraków in 7-15 February 2015 and is titled ‘Democracy, expertise and power: the role of experts in modern European societies“.

The winter school is free of charge and it is open for PhD and MA students from all countries, as well as alumni and other participants interested in the topic. Students who complete the course will obtain 5 ECTS.

Some of the key questions in focus in the winter school include:

  • Who is an expert?
  • What is knowledge?
  • How can we reconcile expertise with various types of democracy?
  • What is the role of academia in contemporary society and what are the implications of public-private partnership?
  • What is the role of mass/social media in developing social movements and democracy?

The organisers cover accomodation, participation and teaching materials. Participants are expected to cover their travel costs and living expenses while in Krakow.

Deadline for applications: 30 December 2014

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