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Winner of the 2010 student blog competition is…

It was difficult choosing a winner this year, given the quality of entries,  but a winner of the Hedda 2010 Blog Competition has been chosen.

However, before we announce the winner we must also thank all of the students who submitted a blog entry, as all of the entries were highly entertaining and creative.

Now to the winner of this year´s competition…1000 NOK prize goes to…

Zhao Chenlong (China), first year Hedda student!!!!!

His post is as follows:
I have included three pictures. I took them at different points in time since my arrival in Oslo. The first one called “Human Activity” which expresses dynamic action regarding two boys enjoying their swimming. The lake in the picture is near my apartment.

The second picture is my favorite one, called “Human and Landscape”. Two seniors were sitting on the long enjoying the gorgeous landscape. They are observing at different sceneries: sky, cloud, boats, trees, mountain, sea as well as buildings and lawn, which compose the whole scene. The human and landscape are harmonious. This picture was taken from the island near Oslo city, therefore it also reflects what Oslo looks like to me.

The third photograph is of my university. That old area is special in my eyes, and I think I am the kind of fan of the old buildings. The image I captured, I believe, is the most beautiful place at our university.

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The following video gives me the chance to share my life in Norway with you. It includes pictures and videos which I took during last three months. I think I had experiences to tell my short story.  So, what you watch is all the things I had done. Last but not least, hopefully all of you enjoy it:

See this year’s runner-up entries…

4th Annual Hedda Student Blog Competition. WIN 1,000 NOK!

2010 Hedda blog CompetitionCalling all Hedda master degree students in higher education!

Here’s your chance to share your story and get paid to do it (if you are the winner!) All you have to do is submit a 200-500 word short blog entry (your story) along with photos and/or YouTube video by November 1, 2010 and you will be entered to win 1,000 NOK (Norwegian Kroner).  All entries will be posted on the Hedda blog.

For more information on how to win…

Here are samples of what your fellow students have produced in the past…

Blog Competition Winner for 2009!

A winner of the Hedda 2009 Blog Competition has
been chosen by a jury of Master’s students at the University of Oslo.
However, before we announce the winner we must also thank all of the
students who submitted a blog entry, as all of the entries were highly
entertaining and creative:

    Now to the winner of this year´s competition…1000 NOK prize goes to…

    Alicia Betts and Norbert Sabic, Second Year HEEM Students!!!!!

    Congratulations Alicia and Norbert!
    Please contact
    Kristi Barcus in order to collect your winnings 🙂

    2009 Hedda Blog Competition Entry #7

    Tdai’s Story
    Erasmus Mundus
    HEEM Graduate, 2006-2008

    Having been an Erasmus Mundus student is one of valuable moments in my life. Lots of things passed my life during my studies in Europe. Many experiences have been added to and broadened my perceptions and perspectives towards things. My Master’s Degree study in Europe – University of Oslo, Norway; University of Tampere, Finland; The University of Aveiro, Portugal – would have not come true without the support of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. The academic, social and cultural knowledge gained from this programme has embedded in me.

    Besides a strong academic support from this programme, witnessing different worlds of different cultures is remarkably unique. Having had friends from different nationalities and various parts of the world, and having studied in three different universities is awesome, both academically and culturally. My friends learned how to understand my stubborn and childish personality. On the other hand, I learned how to socialize with my friends who came from different all walks of life.

    2009 Hedda Blog Competition Entry #6

    HEEM Places, People and Fun!
    By: Jelena Brankovic and Nino Pataraia

    This entry is not about HEEM studies. It is about the fun part of our HEEM time and what it takes to have it. One of the questions I often get from friends, relatives and other people I bump into here and there is “which one do you prefer, Oslo or Tampere?” Frankly speaking, I don’t have a clue. Maybe if the question was something like where did you have more fun, in Oslo or in Tampere it would be easier to reply – Tampere. Not because Tampere in itself offers more fun than Oslo, but because Tampere came at a different point of our HEEM experience. It is not that much about the city or the country, but it is more about the people and how they interact and evolve, both individually and as a group.

    In Oslo we were all new to each other, everything was new to all of us (with a few exceptions to this), the group was bigger, we were not only HEEM, but also MPhil and NOMA students, the programme was more intense, there were more assignments and exams, and we were all kind of more lost and confused than later in Finland. When we eventually managed to settle down a bit, and establish some sort of rhythm, daily routine and whereabouts, it was time to leave. When I arrived in Tampere in January it was much easier for me to get around, although the city was as new to me as Oslo was when I arrived there. I knew exactly what I had to do, where to go, and which problems might pop up, but I also knew that my friends were there as well and that they were going through the same, and, believe me, this means a lot. Especially when you bear in mind that it is Finland you have arrived to, meaning the temperature is -10 degrees on average, days are rather short and sunlight is a highly appreciated rarity, which can be rather depressing (but after some time we learned about the other side of Finland in winter which is far more charming than we thought). And not to remain unjust to Oslo, I feel that if we had first come to Tampere and then went to Oslo we might have liked our time in Oslo better.