Master Programme

In cooperation with the Hedda partners, the Department of Education at the University of Oslo offers a two-year Master Programme in Higher Education, leading to the degree Master of Philosophy in Higher Education.

Listen to the Director of Hedda, Professor Peter Maassen talk about the Master Programme:

Drawing on various disciplinary perspectives, the  programme is focused on the changing functions, policies, and operations of Higher Education using a comparative perspective.

The programme is built upon an innovative e-learning platform based on the audio recording of lectures, interviews with leading researchers, student/alumni blog entries, electronic reader, etc. The programme utilizes the most recent research and publications, as well as invites the leading researchers in the field to hold guest lectures.

The programme is known for its international scope and over the years, the programme has attracted students from more than 40 countries from far away places such as the archipelago of Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean), India, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Canada, USA, Ghana, China, in addition to a variety of European and Nordic countries.

More information about the Master of Philosophy in Higher Education Programme