Hedda Podcast

In 2009 Hedda announced the launch of a podcast series focusing on higher education. Our aim is to deliver an innovative approach to presenting interviews with international experts and discussions on topics in the field of higher education to a worldwide audience.

Our podcasts feature perspectives from academics and researchers as well as senior policymakers and experts from around the globe in a format that can be accessed directly from our blog or downloaded as a file for more flexibility in listening.

We hope that you become a regular listener to our podcasts and we encourage you to provide us with feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Our podcasts:



Current production Team

  • Mari Elken | Researcher |  Coordination and content management, interviews
  • Shane Colvin | Senior IT Engineer | Project and Technical lead
  • Kristi Barcus | Senior Executive Officer | Technical support

Please direct your comments to: mari.elken@nifu.no