Hedda- Higher Education Development Association was created on January 1st 2001 by seven founding research partners throughout Europe with the aim to form an association with a richly unique knowledge and expertise basis on higher education.

Hedda is designed to strengthen the relationship between higher education research and practice.  The association is a coordinating body aiming at organizing and supporting the academic expertise and knowledge on higher education in Europe.

Hedda is engaged in the following activities:

  • Research
  • Publications
  • Consulting
  • Conference/Seminars
  • Offer a Master programme in Higher Education
  • Podcasting/Blogging

The  administrative coordination and leadership is located at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Oslo.  The Hedda team consist of group of international researchers, coordinators and technical specialists.

 Hedda Staff:

Prof. Peter Maassen
Director of Hedda
Tel: +47 22 84 41 22
E-mail: peter.maassen@iped.uio.no
Kristi Barcus Kristi Barcus
Higher Ed. and HEEM Master Programme Coordinator
Coordinator of NOMA (Higher Education Master in Africa)

Tel: +47 22 85 53 56
E-mail: kristi.barcus@iped.uio.no
mari2 Mari Elken
Hedda Blog Editor
E-mail: mari.elken@nifu.no
shane Shane Colvin
Senior IT Engineer
Technical lead/adviser
Email: shanecol@uv.uio.no