Blog Competition Entry #1

A Journey of a Newlywed Couple in Europe!
By: Muhammad Adnan Mughul, HEEM Student
My life changed with a blink of an eye! I didn’t even realize how quickly it all happened. In May 2006, I received the news that I have been awarded the Erasmus Mundus scholarship and, soon after this, on 21st of July, I got married to Kiran. We exchanged our vows in front of over 600 delighted relatives and family friends in a beautiful garden of our home town in Hyderabad, Pakistan. It was a day to remember – a day of pampering and a touch of class! Within 20 days of our marriage we arrived in Oslo, the famous greenest town in Europe. For us it was like a fairy tale, a dream come true. As a newly wedded couple, everything was new and green to us! I never thought that I would be spending my unforgettable and a never ending “honeymoon” in Europe.

Kiran is a lovely girl and is more than a wife to me. She is a very good friend. We are done with the loving part, now it’s more than that. It is trust, understanding, and compromises in marriage. No doubt she is very cooperative and I must say that she takes great care of me. In Oslo, we were living in a one bedroom apartment in Kringsha Studentby, where we have had spent a memorable time and enjoyed every bit of a second. In December 2006, we left for the UK and spent most beautiful and unforgettable days of our lives in London.
We moved to Finland in January 2007 and shifted in a two bedroom ‘unfurnished’ family apartment in TOAS, Hervanta. I remember how disturbed we were but thanks to our Finnish tutors (Heidi and Janne) who helped us in arranging the furniture, which made our startup life easier. Tampere is a beautiful city and we survived in the extreme cold weather (-35C) while embracing each other and waiting for the coldness to fade. Besides studying and attending to the lectures, I spend my time with my wife, may it be going out for fun, shopping, cooking or visiting and inviting friends at home. We have also accepted the Finnish challenge and went for the Sauna with our friends, which was a terrific new experience. In April, we visited Stockholm, Sweden via LoveBoat cruise, which was an awesome and romantic trip!
Overall, my life in Europe is fun and exciting because I have Kiran who is my real source of inspiration and understands a lot. It is also fun because I have my HEEM friends and teachers who are always there to help and support me. So far, we have spent a great time of joy and shared our eternal love with each other. In September, we will be moving to Portugal and looking forward to experience a whole new adventure in Aveiro.
Adnan worked as a Vice-Principal for two years at Sindh Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Pakistan. Additionally, he was also teaching a course on Speech Communication at this college, and for his contribution towards the cause of community education and welfare he was awarded the ‘Great Vice Principal’ shield from the college student union. Prior to joining the HEEM Programme, Adnan had been working in his family’s printing and publication firm as an Executive Director. He hold’s a BA degree with major in Economics and International Relations and an MBA degree in Management from the University of Sindh, Pakistan. He also possesses a certificate in Web Development, and has created a number of websites.