Social science research methods event in Oxford

National Centre for Research Methods in UK is hosting the 5th Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Methods Festival, at the St Catherine’s College in Oxford. The event takes place on 2-5 July 2012. This event features a number of keynote lecturers on various social science methods topics, and 4 days of sessions on various research methods topics.

You can download the programme (.pdf) here. It is also possible to only attend selected days of the event, and  there is a specialized PhD poster session.  For more information, view the event homepage.  

Main themes for  the event include:

  • The interface between social and natural sciences
  • Methodological innovations
  • Mixed and multimodal methods
  • Career and skills development
  • Interventions and evaluations

The event also has a number of eminent keynote speakers, including:

  • Professor Sir John Beddington: “The challenges of the 21st century – the ineluctable need for multidisciplinarity”
  • Professor Andrew Abbott: “The vicissitudes of methods”
  • Professor Gillian Rose: “Now you see it, now you don’t – visual culture and visual methods”
  • Professor Laura Stoker: “Choosing and combining units – common problems in multilevel and cross-temporal research”