Alumni Spotlight: Loreen Maseno-Ouma

Loreen Maseno-Ouma is a MPhil Higher Education alumni, who graduated with the 2005 class from the University of Oslo. She has recently earned her PhD in Systematic Theology from the University of Oslo. Before joining the programme, Loreen obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Sociology from the University of Nairobi, as well as a MPhil in Contextual Theology from the University of Oslo. Currently, she is working as a researcher and teacher at Maseno University in Kenya.

 Why did you choose to attend the Master programme in Higher Education at the University of Oslo?
Upon completion of my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Nairobi, I was conscientized that my degree was not a “Professional” degree. This made me very aware of the need to get some credentials in the area of education. As I was doing my masters at the Faculty of Theology, I registered for some courses in the then newly begun programme of Higher Education at UiO in 2004. Little did I know that I would complete the entire programme at the point that I started out.

What are your main research interests in higher education and why?
Gender and higher education, higher education in developing countries and the organization of higher education institutions. Currently I work within University administration and this makes me very interested in the day to day running of the University.

Looking back at your experiences in the programme, what would you say were the main highlight and challenge?
Since I was working on 2 masters degrees at the time, I was rather hard pressed. The highlights were the new knowledge I was exposed to, the networking that I came to be a part of and achieving a degree in the field of education.

What inspired and led you to your current situation/ job / studies?
I am a lecturer at Maseno University and the Head of the Department of Religion, theology and Philosophy. Upon my completion of my PhD at UiO Faculty of theology on the Quota scholarship, I returned to Kenya and was hired to lecture at Maseno University, a job I love doing.

What advice would you give to aspiring and current students of higher education as to how to accomplish future aspirations?
Stay focused, make your priorities right and be disciplined.