New Norwegian scholarship database

The Norwegian Research Council has launched a new database for available scholarships for mobility linked to the European Euraxess initiative. Euraxess is a European Commission initiative, launched in 2004 and has a subtitle “Researchers in motion”. The initiative is linked to European ambitions to create the European Research Area (ERA), that was first initiated in 2000 in connection to the Lisbon Agenda. One of the ambitions within ERA is to achieve a more mobile community of researchers and through that increase the quality of European research.

The target group for  the Norwegian Euraxess database are PhDs and researchers in Norwegian institutions who are interested in outward mobility, but also for researchers interested in coming to Norway. Since the database is focused on mobility programmes, it does not include usual calls for research project funding.

The database covers Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, India, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South- Africa.

You can find the scholarship database on this page.