Student Spotlight: Felipe Polina

IMG_0032.jpgFelipe Polina is a second year HEEM Master’s degree student. In addition to his Master’s degree studies, he travels to Shanghai often to maintain a trading firm that he owns with a friend. Prior to joining HEEM he worked for the Chinese Ministry of Economy and taught English classes, in Italy he worked for a family owned winery selling their high-end wine and olive oil, and finally in Mexico he worked for Procter & Gamble. Felipe holds a Master’s in European Business Administration and Business Law from Lunds Universitet in Sweden and a B.A. in International Business from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico.

Why did you apply for Erasmus Mundus HEEM Master’s programme?

I am really interested on linking my previous research in Stem Cell Patents and National Innovation Systems with the Higher Education arena.The topic of my thesis is Human Stem Cell Research and the links between National Higher Education & innovation Systems. It will be a policy analysis.

What has been the highlight of the Master’s experience for you?

So far to realise about the complexity of higher education and to gain a deeper knowledge of all the actors that play an important role in it.

What challenges have you experienced during the Master’s journey?

To be able to deal with the very different styles of education in Norway, Finland and Portugal while moving around the world.

What are your future aspirations after completing the Master’s programme?

I would definitely consider pursuing an academic position or a PhD, however I must likely will go back to China (where I was living before joining the HEEM programme).

What have you enjoyed most about living/studying in Oslo, Finland, and Portugal?

Overall the fun, excitement and uncertainty of moving around the world. Besides moving between Oslo, Tampere and Aveiro I have the need to travel quite a bit between Europe and Asia so it is also challenging for me to cope with both my current academic commitments with the programme, my professional and personal affairs which force me to be a very mobile person.