A New University in the Sahara Desert

Over a dozen universities from around the globe, including the University of Compostela, University of California at Berkeley, University of Leeds, and University of Pretoria, have joined together to support the development of a new higher education institution committed to serving the Saharawi people. The University of Tifariti offers the Saharawi people an opportunity to attain higher education on their own land, a territory under dispute for the past 30 years. “This university aims at confirming the Saharawi’s sovereignty as a
nation,” said Professor Isidoro Moreno250px-LocationWesternSahara.svg.png, a professor of Anthropology at
Seville University. Due to war with Morocco over the disputed territory, many Saharawis were displaced in refugee camps in Algeria. The university aims to serve the refugees. According to the University World News, “In the last three decades, the Saharawis and the United Nations have
transformed one of the poorest education levels in Africa into a
situation where 90% of the population is literate.”