International Higher Education Podcast: Episode 1

Hedda is pleased to announce the launch of The International Higher Education Podcast.  Our aim is to deliver an innovative approach to presenting news, interviews, and discussions on topics in the field of Higher Education, to a worldwide audience.

Episode 1

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Episode Summary

Dr. Peter MaassenThe podcast will begin with Part 1 in a series of interviews focusing on the recently published book, Borderless Knowledge?  Understanding the “New” Internationalisation of Research and Higher Education in Norway.The first interview in this series features Dr. Peter Maassen.  Dr. Maassen is Professor of Higher Education at the University of Oslo and a Senior Research Fellow at NIFU STEP.  He is also Director of Hedda, a consortium of European centers for research in Higher Education.

Book chapter abstracts (Word, 47.00 kB)

Dr. Shinichi YamamotoOur podcast then concludes with an interview featuring Dr. Shinichi Yamamoto.  Dr. Yamamoto is Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Research Institute for Higher Education at Hiroshima University in Japan.  For this interview Dr. Yamamoto gives us his perspective on Higher Education in Japan.