Call for proposals: Special issues at Higher Education Quarterly

coverHigher Education Quarterly has issued a call for special issues. HEQ is published by Wiley-Blackwell for SRHE – the Society for Research into Higher Education. View the journal here

Call for special issues

Higher Education Quarterly (HEQ) welcomes proposals for special issues addressing topics of relevance to the journal. HEQ publishes international papers concerned with ideas around policy and strategic management in higher education.It is an international refereed journal aimed at those interested in higher education policy and practice.

Papers that have empirical research content are particularly welcome. The journal is receptive to critical, phenomenological, and positivistic studies, as well as those using hermeneutic, semiotic, ethnographic or dialectical research, and more traditional studies based on quantitative surveys, statistical models and in-depth interviews and focus groups. Evaluations of the impact of policy at institutional, national or international level, backed up by research evidence, are also welcome. Papers should address a broad readership, drawing on international examples, reporting comparative research, or contextualizing from an international perspective the developments in one country. Potential authors should also note that HEQ is not a journal that publishes papers about accounts of teaching and learning practice.

Proposals for special issues should be submitted to . They should be divided in two parts. The first part should contain 1-2 pages with the title and guest editor(s)’ names and affiliations, present the general topic, including for instance succinct references to the literature, overarching research questions, theoretical perspectives; and finally state the contribution of the special issue to the field of higher education research. The second part should list between six and seven papers to be included in the special issue, with the name and the affiliation of all the authors, and a short abstract (3-4 paragraphs) indicating the topic, research design and findings. A provisional draft schedule towards the submission of papers via ScholarOne Manuscripts would be expected.

The HEQ editorial team will provide an initial decision within 2-3 weeks for each special issue. Guest editors and contributors of the proposed special issue should note that each paper will be required to go through the usual external refereeing process, and that its acceptance for publication will be subject to that. If the proposal for a special issue is accepted, a member of the editorial team will work with the guest-editor(s) during the peer-review process and in meeting agreed deadlines.

Please refer to HEQ authors’ guidelines for further information. Initial enquiries should be addressed to the editorial team: