EAIE report: Strategic partnerships in Europe

70385492-eaieLOGOEAIE has compiled a report examining strategic partnerships in Europe, a topic that has gained attention in European policy debates. The report is based on an EAIE survey “The EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe”.

The survey was sent out to EAIE members and beyond, yielding 2411 responses in total. Just over 2000 of these came from about 1500 European higher education institutions. One of the findings from the survey was that international strategic partnerships have been on the rise in recent years, 79% of the respondents in the survey had indicated that partnerships were an element of internationalization strategies. The current report examines the survey data that concerns strategic partnerships.

In this context, strategic partnerships are in the report defined as concrete agreements that are continuous, that is that they “encourage durable collaboration between institutions and organisations by building sustainable academic networks, strengthening exchanges among students and staff, and enhancing exchanges of knowledge and practices” (p.5).

The report identifies a variation across institutional and national priorities, with specific geographic areas in mind and others that focus on strengthening existing links or reducing partnerships that can be considered inactive. However, in total the report suggests that there has been an increase in the number of partnerships. An interesting finding here is that the organisation of such partnership is also linked to internal organization. The report concludes with some concrete suggestions for practitioners in working with international partnerships – both for developing and managing such agreements.

The report has been written by Anna-Malin Sandström (policy officer at EAIE) and Leasa Weimer (knowledge development advisor at EAIE with a PhD from University of Georgia, and a graduate of the Hedda higher education programme).

Download the report here