List of conferences relevant for higher education in 2016

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ECPR 2015

So, the new year is approaching in full speed. Have you made your plans for 2016 yet?

Calls for papers have been distributed and dates are confirmed. So time to start planning which conferences to attend in 2016. To make this easier, we are now compiling a list of relevant conferences for the third year in a row!

Remember, always double check with the conference websites for changes in deadlines, extensions and so forth. We still hope this can be a useful resource to plan your calendar for next year.

We have listed the conferences first as specific higher education conferences and then other disciplinary conferences that would likely be relevant for higher education researchers. The conferences are listed alphabetically in their respective sections.

Where we have such reviews, we have also added a link to Hedda reviews from these conferences, to give some insight for how these conferences are like – just to make your selection process a little easier!

Again, if you have some to add – leave a comment and we add it to the list! 


(Bi)Annual conferences

AERA 2016 Annual meeting

AERA is the American Educational Research Association. AERA is a primarily national research society to advance knowledge about education, but has also international members from about 85 countries. The organisation composes on 155 special interest groups (SIGs). The 2016 annual meetingis titled “Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies”

  • Time and place: 8-12 April 2016, Washington, DC, USA
  • Conference website
  • Deadlines: closed.

ASHE 2016

ASHE is the Association for the Study of Higher Education, it is located in the US, and in 2016 it will be the 41st annual conference. Note also the CIHE pre-conference event with international focus!

  • Time and place: 10-12 November (pre-conference 9-10 November) 2015, Columbus, Ohio
  • Conference website: not up yet, but information will be available here.
  • Deadlines: not confirmed, usually 1st of May

CHER 2016

CHER stands for the Consortium for Higher Education Researchers and is a consortium of academic researchers in the field of higher education. The annual conference has a research focus and usually attracts around 150-170 participants from across the world on a variety of themes. In 2016, the conference is helt for 29th time and is titled “The University as a Critical Institution?”. There will be four strands related to this theme – governance: critical regulation and regulated criticism; teaching and learning: beyond employability; growth, equality, movement, instability and limits in higher education systems, and other research topics related to the conference theme. The conference is held at the Queens’ College in Cambridge.

CSSHE 2016

The Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE) has its main mission to contribute to “the advancement of knowledge of postsecondary education through the dissemination through publication and learned meetings.”. They are also responsible for the annual conference that takes place during the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Congress means that more than 70 academic associations will hold their annual conferences under the same umbrella.

  • Time and place: 29-31 May 2016, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Conference website
  • Deadlines: closed.

EAIE 2016

EAIE stands for European Association for International Education. Of the conferences listed here, EAIE is the conference with a clearly professional and practice oriented profile.  The EAIE conferences are large scale, attracting almost 5000 participants across the world.

EAIR 2016

EAIR is the The European Association for Institutional Research (International association for higher education researchers, practitioners, managers and policy-makers). The conferences are relatively large and include both academic research and practitioners in higher education. In 2016 the conference will be titled: “Only Connect: Collaboration, cooperation and capacity building through HE partnerships”. There will be six tracks: student experience and engagement, innovation, partnerships and quality, research and impac, learning and teaching, and governance and leadership.

ECER 2016

ECER stands for the The European Conference on Educational Research and it is the conference held by EERA – the European Educational Research Association. The conference has a broad focus on education and this year the theme is “Leading Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers”. ECER is a relatively large conference, attracting educational researchers from a diverse background.

EDEN 2016

EDEN stands for European Distance and E-Learning Network. The 2016 conference is titled “Re-imagining learning environments”. The conference format includes papers, posters, workshops and demonsitrations.

EFMD 2016

EFMD is an international membership organisation working with higher education management. The membership body includes about 800 members from academia, business, public service and consultancy in 81 countries. They hold an annual conference.

EFMD Higher Education Research Conference 2016

The 2016 EFMD Higher Education Research Conference is themed “Innovations in Higher Education”. EFMD aims to facilitate research and a dialogue on topics related to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Business Schools by bringing together academics from management, higher education and related fields.

  • Time and Place: 10 – 11 October at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain
  • Call for papers: deadline 27th of May
  • Conference website

EQAF – European Quality Assurance Forum

The 11th forum will be hosted by the Slovenian Student Union / University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Usually, the Forum organisers invite contributions from QA practitioners in higher education institutions and quality assurance agencies, students, and researchers in the field.

10th International EUREDOCS

This year, the theme is “Equity and Diversity in Contemporary Higher Education”. The conference is aimed at PhD scholars working in the area of European integration in higher education

  • Time and place: 27-28 May 2016, SRHE, London, UK
  • Call for papers: 11 January 2016

HEAd’16: 2nd International Conference on Higher Education Advances 

HEAd conference is a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, experiences, opinions and research results relating to the preparation of students, teaching/learning methodologies and the organization of educational systems.

  • Time and place 21-23 June 2016, Valencia, Spain
  • Call for papers: Deadline 29th of January, 2016
  • Conference website 

HEC – Higher Education Conference

The conference is linked to EARLI-Sig4 “Higher Education” and EERA Higher Education network. EARLI is an association for learning and instruction, having a special standing group for learning and instruction in higher education. The European Education Research Association (EERA) is made of 30 national and regional associations, including a higher education network with 300 participants.

ICED 2016

ICED, The International Consortium for Educational Development is a network focused on working with educational and academic development. Its membership organisations work with staff development on national level. The conference is titled “Ethics, Care and Quality in Educational Development”. The conference is organised by Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Stellenbosch University, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape.

5th International Academic Identities Conference

The conference is focused on themes related to academic identities and practices, with particular focus on how they have been transformed in recent era of measurement.

  • Time and place: 29 June – 1 July 2016
  • Call for abstracts: extended to 22 January 2016
  • Conference website

MOOCs in Scandinavia

The first conference was held in 2015, and is now followed up with a new conference. The 2016 conference is organized by a collaboration of Chalmers, Karolinska Institutet, Lund University and Uppsala University. An increasing number of Scandinavian universities engage in MOOCs with the promise and hope to offer high quality education to anyone, anywhere. After the hype some years ago, questions about what constitutes a good MOOC are increasingly complemented by considerations about how MOOCs can be integrated into the broader educational landscape, including campus and professional education.

  • Time and place: 9-10 June 2016, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Call for abstracts: Deadline 14th of February 2016
  • Conference website

RAHER 2016

7th International Conference of the Russian Association of Higher Education Researchers will be held in Moscow, and is aimed at both researchers and educators. The conference theme in 2016 is: “University between Global Challenges and Local Commitments”. Keytnote speakers include P. Maassen, S. Marginson, M. Kwiek and G. Abramo.

  • Time and place: 20-22 October 2016, Moscow
  • Call for abstracts: Deadline 1st of June 2016
  • Conference website

SRHE 2016

The Society for Research into Higher Education is a UK based “international learned society” that has its main focus on higher education studies. Each year, they also hold an annual conference.

University-industry interaction conference 2016

The annual conference is focused on university-industry interaction and is the largest conference on themes related to entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation. Usually, about 400 participants world wide.

  • Time and place: 1-3 June 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Call for abstracts: (passed, December 2015)
  • Conference website


Specialized conferences

Academic Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge and Technology Transfer

INCHER at University of Kassel is holding a conference themed “Academic Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge and Technology Transfer: How do they relate to Research, Teaching, and Universities as Organizations?” Confirmed keynote speakers include Aldo Geuna (Torino) and Walter W. Powell (Stanford).

  • Time and place: 11-12 April 2016, University of Kassel, Germany
  • Call for papers: (closed)
  • Read more here

UNIKE conference: “University futures”

Universities in the Knowledge Economy (UNIKE) is a four year collaborative research project investigating the dynamic relationships between universities and knowledge economies in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific Rim. In 2016, a conference will be held, focus on the core themes of the project.

  • Time and place: 15-17 June 2016
  • Call for papers: 29. January 2016
  • Read more here


Other conferences with HE relevant tracks

ECPR General Conference 2016

ECPR stands for European Consortium for Political Research. The conference is a large political science conference (nearly 2000 participants) with a ‘Europe of Knowledge’ Section facilitated by ERA-CRN. The Europe of Knowledge section has been there since 2011 and has been steadily growing, and various panels relevant to higher education can also be found in other sections.

  • Time and place: 7-10 September, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Call for panels and papers deadline: Sections have been approved. Deadline for panels and papers closes 15th of February. Section on higher education is confirmed, read more about he call here.
  • Conference website
  • Read the reviews of the three recent ECPR conferences by Mari Elken (201420132011)

ECPR Graduate Student Conference 2016

ECPR stands for the European Consortium for Political Research, and they have traditionally held their graduate conference every second year. The set-up is rather similar to the general conference where broad sections of themes include also more narrow panels with about 3-6 papers each.

EGOS 2016

EGOS stands for European Group for Organizational Studies, and their 2016 conference will be titled “Organizing in the shadow of power”. While higher education can be a relevant case for many of the panels, there are often also higher education focused panels on the conference. View the conference website for more information. Note especially sub-theme #53 “Power over Modern Universities” organised by Lars Engwall, Christine Musselin and Francisco O. Ramirez. 


ESPAnet is the European network for social policy analysis, which is an academic association of reserchers in this area. The network holds an annual conference. This year, one of the tracks has a comparative perspective on higher education and health sector.

  • Time and place: 1-3 September, Rotterdam
  • Call for panels: deadline 18th of March
  • Conference website

HKU-USC-IPPA Conference in Public Policy

IPPA is the International Public Policy Association, holding a conference titled “Coping with Policy Complexity in the Globalized World”. The conference includes also a panel on knowledge policies: T03P05: “Complexity and the politics of knowledge policies: multi-issue, multi-level and multi-actor”

  • Time and place: 10-11 June 2016, Hong Kong
  • Call for papers: 30th of January, 2016
  • Conference website 


ICPP stands for the International conference on Public Policy. A broad public policy conference, the 2015 edition featured several HE relevant panels. However – the next ICPP will be held in 2017.

IPSA 2016

IPSA stands for the International Political Science Assocation. Annually, they also held a world congress. In 2016, the theme is “Politics in a World of Inequality”.

  • Time and place: 23-28 July 2016, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Call for papers: passed
  • Conference website