Researcher position in Italy on higher education governance

downloadThe Scuola Normale Superiore announces a selection, based on work to date and interview, for a research contract under the following project: “Governance regimes and systemic performance in higher education”.

The successful candidate shall carry out research activities finalized to collect and to analyze quali-quantitative data on the reform of systemic governance in higher education in 15 EU countries, as pursued from the mid-1990s. The research shall use both quantitative and qualitative methods (especially QCA).

Applications are invited from candidates who have completed a PhD in Political Sciences, Sociology or Social Sciences.

  • Duration of contract: 2 years
  • Estimated starting of the activity: January 2016

Application deadline: the application must be received by 30th, November 2015 at the Scuola Normale.

Candidates are invited to read the official announcement published on the website of Scuola Normale Superiore, and follow instructions.