Science4Refugees initiative

science4refugess_bannerRefugee situation is a topic gaining substantial amount in European societies at the moment. The need for solutions spans from the short term need to find accomodation and food, to more long term concerns.

The EU has launched an initiative to support those with academic backgrounds who now find themselves in a refugee situation. From the Science4Refugees website:

  • The European Commission has launched the Science4Refugees initiative to help refugee scientists and researchers find suitable jobs that both improve their own situation and put their skills and experience to good use in Europe’s research system.
  • Science4Refugees matches talented refugees and asylum seekers who have a scientific background with positions in universities and research institutions that are ‘refugee-welcoming organisations’ and that have suitable positions available, including internships and part-time and full-time jobs.
  • Science4Refugees is accessible to refugees and institutions through the EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion portal, a pan-European initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to find jobs and pursue their research careers in Europe

If you are yourself, or know anyone with this background – sign up and enter the CVs to the EURAXESS portal, marking it with “Science4Refugees”.

Read more about he conditions and procedures for application here