New SRHE journal “Policy Reviews in Higher Education” – call for papers!

RPRHSRHE has launched a new journal on higher education, published on Routledge, titled “Policy Reviews in Higher Education”.

The journal is set to be published two times a year, with a broad scope of policy related issues in higher education

The scope of the new journal is described in the announcement as: The journal aims to open up a space for publishing in-depth accounts of significant areas of policy development affecting higher education internationally. Authors from a range of disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to analyse higher education from fresh perspectives, including drawing on concepts and theories from other academic fields. Policy here is conceived as relevant to all areas of higher education activity, including transnational education, university governance and leadership, quality assurance and enhancement, academic work, curriculum development and student learning, occurring at the local, regional, national and international levels. Comparative analyses across higher education systems are particularly encouraged. (…) The journal is interested in receiving submissions across a wide range of topics. These may be relevant to higher education at the international, national, institutional, departmental and local levels.

The editors invite papers that are: original and provide in-depth analysis; historically grounded and forward-looking; reflections on implications for policy broadly; presented in a style accessible for an international readership; between 8,000 and 12,000 words.

The editors are William Locke (Centre for Global Higher Education, UCL Institute of Education) and Bruce Macfarlane (Centre for Higher Education at Southampton, University of Southampton).

The first edition is now open for proposals! For submitting a proposal, a review proposal of 500 words (excluding references) should be sent to the editors before submission of a full paper. Deadline for the first issue is October 2015. Read more about submitting a proposal here.