Seminar recording: Collaborative inquiry and student participation in domain-specific knowledge practices

We are delighted to share with you another seminar recording from the research group HEIK (Higher Education: Institutional dynamics and Knowledge cultures). HEIK is a research group located at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in University of Oslo, the coordinating institution of Hedda.

Dr. Crina Damsa  (HEIK/FALK, University of Oslo)

Dr. Crina Damsa
(HEIK/FALK, University of Oslo)

This time, we are pleased to feature Dr. Crina Damsa from University of Oslo who gave a presentation titled: “Collaborative inquiry and student participation in domain-specific knowledge practices (characteristics and challenges) in teacher and computer engineering education

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Abstract for the session: 

and the solving of complex problems, critical use of knowledge resources and productive participation in knowledge work. Little is known, however, about how students participate in such inquiry-oriented activities that are related to core knowledge and practices of their given domain. This study explores how students are introduced to and participate in domain-specific knowledge practices in two study programs, school teaching and computer engineering, respectively. Data were collected from two introductory courses that employed collaborative inquiry projects and the activities of 10 student groups (N=48) were analysed qualitatively. The findings identify characteristics of students’ participation and engagement with the inquiry tasks, and the challenges students are facing in this process. These are related to distinct principles for knowledge construction and practices within the two domains. The article discusses implications of these differences for educational practice and future research.