HEIK seminar: Topics and issues in practice-based studies with Prof. Silvia Gherardi

We are pleased to share yet another session from the HEIK academic seminar series in the field of higher education, with both invited international speakers and members of the research group HEIK (Higher Education: Institutional dynamics and Knowledge cultures) at the University of Oslo.

This lecture was recorded in May 2013 and features Professor Silvia Gherardi (University of Trento) and the seminar is titled “Topics and issues in practice-based studies“.

Abstract for the session:

The seminar’s aim is to provide insight into new methodological resources developed to study change process “from below”, with a particular emphasis on resent work done within the field of practice-based studies. The practice-based approach to the study of work has been widely adopted in recent years, yet its theoretical and methodological systematization has only just begun. Drawing on cases presented in her new book on the topic, Silvia Gherardi (2012) provides an overview on the topics and issues addressed by practice-based studies. Further, using core examples both from her own work and that of colleagues she elaborates the critical issues at stake and provides methodological guidance on how to conduct empirical research on practices, and how to interpret them from three central perspectives: practices from outside’, practices ‘from inside’, and the social effects produced by practices.

Prof. Silvia Gherardi (University of Trento)

Prof. Silvia Gherardi (University of Trento)

Silvia Gherardi is Professor of Sociology of Work at the Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento, Italy, where she has been Director of the Research Unit on Communication, Organizational Learning, and Aesthetics since 1993. Areas of interest include the exploration of different “soft” aspects of knowing at work and in organizations, with a particular emphasis on communicative, emotional, symbolic, and linguistic aspects of organizational process. Her most recent book (How to conduct a practice-based study: problems and methods. Edward Elgar, 2012) discusses methodologies for the empirical study of learning and knowing in work practices.